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Holiday Party Tips From An Event DJ

Holiday party season is upon us and you would not believe some of the things we see year after year. Don't be a statistic, heed our advice. Here are a few friendly reminders on how to enjoy yourself this December and not look like a fool in front of your entire company.

Be Fashionably Late

This is one of the few times where punctuality is not rewarded. Don't be tardy to the point of disrespect, but feel free to let everyone have their first-round and loosen up a bit.

Get Your Socrates On

In Plato’s Symposium, it is mentioned that Socrates drank just as much as everyone else in Athens but he never actually appeared intoxicated. Unfortunately, every year we notice about 5% of people have a few too many. Don't be a statistic.

Don't Talk Shop

While technically this is a work function, take the opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a more casual and personal setting. This is a great time to show your team some gratitude or even clear the air of past transgressions.

Break Down The Barriers

It’s natural for people to gravitate towards their "group" at these types of things. Excuse yourself from the conversation after an appropriate amount of time and continue to make your rounds!

Say Goodbye And Thank You

Especially if you leave early, thank your boss for throwing the party and say goodbye to your team. Gratitude always leaves a great impression!


It's the holiday party, need I say more? See you on the dance floor.


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