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Don't Let COVID-19 Cancel Your Company Party

As lockdowns across the country surge, the prospects of a 2020 company holiday party have dwindled. While the holiday party may not be on the top of the priority list, I think it's fair to say you and your team could benefit from finishing the year off strong!

At Higher Ground Entertainment, we can't help but notice event professionals across the globe finding creative, and socially distanced, ways to celebrate and reward their employees for hanging in there.

We put together this article to highlight some of the solutions we see in our industry and hopefully inspire teams across the country to not give up on the prospects of the holiday party!

After all, the show must go on.

Spend The Budget Directly On Your Team

Since you are no longer having to spend your holiday party budget on a venue, food, rentals, entertainment, etc, you have an opportunity to go big and treat your team to something nice.

Many promotional product and gift basket companies have kicked it up a notch as they have seen a surge in corporate holiday gift orders.

From branded Apple AirPods and custom cases, to custom Yeti Coolers, high end bluetooth speakers and self cleaning water bottles, employees will often appreciate a high value gift that they will use often, rather than a once a year party.

For more high end gift ideas, here are a few of our favorite this year at Higher Ground Entertainment:

Of course, if you are looking for something quick and easy, checkout our Kit.Co profile.

Their you will find some of our favorite products and recommended gifts organized into curated 'kits'. You can browse collections like work from home essentials and DJ wish list items:

Another favorite holiday party gift is the beloved gift basket. After all, nothing says thank you like a box full of treats.

For local gifts here in the pacific northwest, check out one of our favorite companies, Glow Gifts, for ready made gift baskets filled with Pacific Northwest artisan products. FYI, they sell out fast!

We love that Glow Gifts baskets come on a sliding scale, it makes it super easy to adjust based on the recipient!

Pro Tip: If you are short on gift ideas, or time for that matter, rembeber- cash is king! Especially considering the economic pressures many of us are feeling this year, a little extra money can go a long way.

Consider Something Interactive, Informative, and Delicious!

If you are a small in numbers, there are a handful of great services out there- like culinary company Rouxbe- that make it easy for your team to take an online class together- safe in the comfort of everyone's own home!

Rouxbe will provide delicious recipes and professional video instructions for you and your team to gather and create something delicious!

Just send out ingredients ahead of time (better yet, a grocery store gift card), then gather on Zoom to cook the dish together as a team.

There are lots of local chefs, caterers, bartenders, and bakers who are offering various virtual services to help keep their businesses alive. It's is a great way to learn something new, connect with your team, and support a local business!

Pro Tip: Add a fun twist to your class by incorporating an ugly sweater contest, superlatives, holiday playlists, or other announcements, toasts, or awards.


If you have already run the gamut of virtual event ideas and team bonding activities since the beginning of the pandemic, perhaps you and your team are simply over it.

Hiring a great event DJ to spin a short but action packed set via livestream is a great way to spice things up and celebrate and connect with your crew this holiday season.

Since March, we at Higher Ground Entertainment have been slowly experimenting with and perfecting the art of djing while live streaming.

We have come up endless options for customization and corporate branding as well as a variety of other DJ-based virtual event solutions.

Just choose your vibe and genre of music and then 30 minutes or so prior to your event we will stream a live, interactive, virtual music and dance DJ experience.

Having a virtual DJ party is a great way to build event anticipation, increase engagement and set the tone for attendee experience.

Whether you want a custom mix recorded for your own use; a 30 minute pre-party to set the vibe for your event; or a high-energy dance party for your closest friends, family and coworkers- our virtual event DJs at Higher Ground Entertainment have got you covered!

Just listen to what one of our recent nonprofit clients said about us:

If you are interested in booking Higher Ground Entertainment to DJ a virtual event please reach out to

All is Well That Ends Well

2020 has been hard on everyone. That being said, we cannot let this year drag us down.

We must instead do what we can to come together, connect, and celebrate this precious thing called life.

Given the miracle of technology, as well as a litany of creative individuals and organizations making magic happen, there is no reason to cancel the holiday party this year!

Something as simple as splurging on your employees with high end gifts; signing up for a virtual culinary class; or even hiring a talented DJ to turn up the volume for a bit; is all it takes to give thanks to your team and end this not so great year off strong!


Disclaimer: Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission.

Higher Ground Entertainment is a boutique DJ company based in the pacific northwest and available for events worldwide. They have over a decade of live event industry experience, primarily in the high-end market. To read more about who we are and what we do, check out this page.

Higher Ground Academy is an education & training hub to help organizations and individuals 1) avoid common pitfalls and event & business failures; and 2) provide practical, actionable tools and strategies for personal and professional development. To learn more about the Academy, checkout this page.

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