Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers



How much experience do Higher Ground DJs and Event Hosts have?

All of our event professionals have a minimum of 5 years experience, with most having over 10 years in the industry.

What sort of equipment do you use?

We believe in only using the best of the best brands. Pioneer, Serato, Chauvet, and Sennheiser to name a few. This ensures reliable equipment, optimal sound and a sleek and stylish look.

Do you have a backup plan if something happens?

As the Navy Seals say, two is one and one is none. We maintain backups of just about everything and build redundancies into our services at every level. 10 years strong and we've never missed a beat.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely! When you book Higher Ground Entertainment, you are getting true professionals in every sense of the word. Rest assured our T's are crossed and our I's are dotted so you can enjoy the night worry free.

Will the DJ take requests?

Absolutely. However, if you provide is with zero requests, that is fine too. This is what we do for a living, we got you covered! If you would like, we recommend providing 10-20 song/artist suggestions, and another 5-10 must-plays with any do not plays thrown in there as well. Throughout the planning process we will go over the specific vibe you want. You will also be able to manage music requests through our own mobile app. On the day of your event, we will filter requests and match the vibe you are going for, the energy of your guests, and our own intuition. To ensure optimal sound, we will not play a request off a guest's phone.

What is Vibo?

Vibo is an event planning & music app that helps you streamline the entire music request process. All of our clients get their very own event invitation to download the app. There you are able to import playlists & search from Spotify and/or YouTube, add favorite songs and artsits, invite friends and family to add music and upvote your selections, mark music with a 'must play' or 'do not play' tag, vote on your favorites, edit & organize your flow, add start/end times for songs, and leave notes for your DJ. Hear a song on the radio you HAVE to add to your playlist? Open the app and add it in seconds!

What genres are your DJs familiar with?

As open-format DJs, our team is familiar with most genres. We do our work and prepare accordingly, considering the specifics of each event. Let us know what your vibe is and we will make sure to pair you with a DJ that suits your style!

What are your payment terms?

A deposit is required at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your event. Payments can be made through our online system using a debit or credit card or PayPal account. We also accept payments through Venmo, the Cash App, Check, Cryptocurrency, you name it!

Do I tip the DJ?

We do not include gratuity in the invoice. 10-20% is industry standard if you think your DJ did a great job; however, it is entirely up to you.

What is the best time to book my DJ?

Most of our clients book between 9-18 months out, with some booking closer to 6 months out. It depends on what type of event you are booking, what time of year it is taking place, and on what day of the week it falls. Let's just say it is never to early! Contact our team to learn more about our availability.

Do we need to feed the DJ?

This is something we never plan on or expect. Typically, we are too focused on making your night flow perfectly to remember to eat. That being said, we would never say no to a delicious meal! This one is entirely up to you.

How many songs should I request?

We recommend providing 10-20 song/artist suggestions, and another 5-10 must plays with any do not plays thrown in there as well. Keep in mind, on average we play 15 or so songs an hour. If you send us a list of 100 songs, there is no way we will get to them all. That being said, the more music you send us the better of an idea we will have about what will make you and your guests party!

Can I hear samples of your DJ sets?

While we do not post live event sets, since every event we DJ is unique, we do have a company Mixcloud that we make DJ sets for and a Spotify profile we are constantly updating with some of our favorite feels.

What is your pricing?

Like anything you purchase, pricing for entertainment can vary wildly. When you research DJ prices, in particular, you find a large spectrum. Ultimately these prices are based on the value that each professional/company can deliver. They are based on the knowledge, experience, technology, and value that goes into each performance. Our most common packages range between 2-4K, with exceptions on each end. If you are work for a nonprofit or are interested in some other creative partnership, let us know. We also have other budget limitation options.


Why should I hire a destination event DJ? Wouldn't it be easier to hire a local DJ at the location of my event?

That depends entirely on what your desires and expectations are. Typically, local DJ prices vary widely. You never really know what you are going to get. Plus, it can often be challenging to coordinate and communicate all of the details of your wedding. If you are someone that places a high value on the music, dancing, and flow of your event, we recommend thinking twice before gambling on a risky local DJ. Plus, our afterparty package is included when you book a destination package!

How many people will I need to fly out for my destination event?

You will only need to fly out your DJ, unless they need an assistant. This will be determined by your entertainment package as well as your guest count and event program. We will generally fly in a day in advanced to do a location visit and ensure everything is squared away. We will typically fly out the day after your event, later in the day.

Do I book the flights and accommodations myself?

Whatever works for you! If you would like to book with miles/points, we ask that you send the information ahead of booking so we can approve the details.

Do you travel for events?

Absolutely! We are based in the pacific northwest, but available for events world wide.

What is your travel rate?

$50/hour each way outside of Portland Metro. For events beyond the pacific northwest, hotel, flight and equipment rentals fees will apply.

Will you bring your own equipment to my destination event?

Due to the nature of destination weddings, we will only come prepared with what we need to preform (e.g. laptop, headphones, music, etc.) We will coordinate with your venue or a professional DJ/Entertainment/Production company located near your venue to obtain all of the necessary equipment.