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The Ultimate Work From Home Music Guide

Being the music-hoarding, playlist obsessed DJs that we are, we have been quietly curating our own work from home playlists for years. We have also been collecting playlists and albums that help boost our productivity whether getting deep and creative or focusing on administrative tasks.

Given the increase in fellow work from home professionals, now seems like a good time to stop hoarding and start sharing. That is why we put together this collection of all of our favorite playlists, albums, and vibes to help keep you focused while you work from home.


Sometimes, you don't need music at all. Several studies have shown relaxing, repetitive, low-information background music can enhance performance on cognitive tasks. Works great in the early mornings and afternoon/evenings. Warning - not for everyone!


While this type of music (if you can call it that) is great for focus during deep work, according to NASA it also works great to help you nap. After 26 minutes of an in-flight nap, pilots are able to perform 34% better and are 54% more alert. Just make sure you grab some headphones first!



There is absolutely no denying it. Classical music feeds the brain. It pairs great with creative deep work late in the morning and will keep you feeling calm, cool, and collected. Warning- also not for everyone! Not a fan of classical music? Perhaps one last try...


Acoustic & World

Spanish guitar and flamenco, son Cubano, French Lounge, Malian folk, and yes- hipster indie-folk covers just to name a few. We find these vibes work great midday.


Beats & Jazzy Vibes

The best way to keep things fresh in the afternoon. We probably play Jazz Vibes around the office more than anything.



When the afternoon rolls around and you need an energy boost.


Silence Is Golden

Sometimes, music can just be another form of distracting yourself from the work. Turn it off and tune it!


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