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Planning Your Music The Right Way

So you just secured Higher Ground Entertainment for your upcoming event and are itching to jump in and start planning the music?

Well congratulations, and let's go!

What is This Music App You Speak Of?

Vibo DJ is one of the fastest growing companies in its field and as of 2020 we are excited to announce a partnership with Higher Ground Entertainment!

Founded in 2014 by an Israeli DJ, the app provides an incredibly simple, but powerful, easy to use interface that will help you save time and have fun while planning your wedding, social, or corporate event.

How to Use The App To Plan Your Event

First things first, follow the link you were sent to download the app to your iOS or Android device.

You will be directed to a unique page that has been set up specifically for your event.

Go ahead and change the default photo to one of you and your fiancée (alternatively, the guest of honor, corporate logo, etc.).

Of course, you can always scroll down to Edit Event if you need to make any changes to your event details, like the event date, venue, and start/end times.

From this event page you will also be able to invite other hosts & guests, but we will get back to that in just a moment...

Event Timeline

For now, head over to the Timeline | Music section.

Here you will find the default timeline your DJ or entertainer has created for your event.

As an event host, you have permission to edit any event sections if you feel so inclined. Otherwise you can leave the flow as is for now and revisit the specific timing closer to your event date when you sit down with your DJ.

Each section of the timeline will show you a preview of what song(s), or how many, are inside.

You can also edit the exact timing of each section by selecting the clock symbol on the lower left corner.

Select any section to take a closer look inside and start adding music (of course, yours will be blank at first).

Import & Add Music

To add a song, simply select + Add Songs and begin searching!

Our database will find any song or remix on Spotify, Apple Music and/or YouTube.

In other words, our database will find any song.

Are you a Spotify user? Perhaps you already have a playlist going? No problem.

Easily connect to your Spotify account to import your own playlists, just make sure they are public first.

If you are feeling stuck and need a boost, simply scroll down to check out our own recommendations based on your event and the specific timeline section.

Note: Remember, when you choose songs on our app you aren't just curating a playlist, your are communicating your personal style to your DJ! That being said, take your time and have fun!

Once you find the right song, you can easily add a comment, mark it as a 'must play' or a 'do not play, or even move it to another section.

Invite Your Guests

Now that you have the hang of it, head back to your event page to start inviting guests to make requests of their own as well as upvote what has already been requested!

And if the thought of inviting others to help select the music makes you nervous, don't worry!

You hired a professional, not a jukebox.

This app is simply another great tool your entertainer can use to help craft the perfect night for you and your loved guests.

How The App Makes Your Life Easy

At the end of the day, everything we do is designed to help personalize and customize your event. This app is no exception!

It helps to create a streamlined hub for all of our music communication and planning so nothing slips through the cracks.

Hopefully it can also provide some inspiration through our curated recommendations.

Finally, it can help you invite your whole crew to get in on the playlist curation!

Our favorite part- the next time you hear a song on the radio that you absolutely love and want to hear at your event, simply open the app and add it in seconds.


Music planning made simple.

Do you have any experience using Vibo or any other music planning software? We would love to hear what you think, let us know in the comments below! What other tools do you use for playlist creation and music planning?

Higher Ground Entertainment is a boutique-style DJ company that specializes in weddings, corporate events, and b’nah mitzvah experiences.

Let our team of event professionals go above and beyond to co-create the perfect vibe for your perfect evening.

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